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A CJ/Kate fic

I wrote this right after the episodes aired and then fixed it up a year or so later. I thought some people here might appreciate it. There's a companion piece that actually goes before this one. Let me know if you want it posted too.

Title: Normalcy
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: CJ/Kate established
Summary: Kate's response to CJ the day after Toby confesses
Disclaimer: Absolutly not mine. Not making a thing writing it

Author's note: This is a follow up to my fic, Exaustion, though
there's only a very brief refrence to it. This has been sitting around
in a horribly unfinished state since either Mr Frost or Here Today
first aired. My girlfiend/beta demanded entertainment so it got
dragged out and fixed. She's the reason that this is at all readable.

 Kate tapped on CJ's half open door.

"May I?" She hesitated slightly before entering the partially lit
office and closing the door behind her. CJ barely glanced from the
pile of papers on her desk. Kate knew that it was a bad time, knew
that being ignored was the best response that she could expect, but
after last night, after today...

She took a seat on CJ's couch hoping to wait her out. Five minutes
passed, then ten. CJ looked up and briefly made eye contact with her
before her gaze became unfocused. Kate continued to wait for
acknowledgement, and when CJ's attention finally returned to her she
was surprised by what she saw there. She wasn't sure what she did
expect, hurt or confusion or anger, but the brazen lust in CJ's eyes
made her stomach flutter slightly and her breath catch. She knew that
this was neither CJ's typical reaction to a crisis nor her normal
approach to sex, but part of her wished that it were.

"I hope you're finished for the day." Though CJ's tone remained
professional, her vaguely affected smile betrayed her knowledge of the

"Yeah," Kate answered hesitantly, "as long as nothing flares up in the
next couple of minutes." She let her unvoiced questions hang in the
air between them.

"Good. You should go get your things. You'll ride home with me."
Kate's questions disappeared, replaced by disbelief and irritation.

"And what am I going to tell the guy from the Post a week from now
when he asks what I was doing at your house at 12:42 in the morning?"
Tonight wasn't the time to antagonize her lover, but CJ was never this
reckless, never this unthinking. Despite the circumstances, Kate
wasn't about to let this power dynamic bleed into their personal
lives. She had every intention of spending the night with CJ, but she
wasn't going to be ordered there.

Kate watched CJ stand, and, despite the slightly awkward impression
the woman's height generally inspired, she appeared firmly rooted in
the earth. "You are going to tell him that you were briefing me on
something that is absolutely none of his damn business." CJ shoved a
binder into her briefcase to punctuate her reply.

Kate wanted nothing more than to be able to comfort her lover, to pull
CJ into her arms and make her demons go away. But she was used to
fighting physical demons, and she wasn't quite sure how to fight the
spectral ones. She didn't know how to battle CJ's inability to stop
thinking or how to replace the part of CJ that Toby took when he left.
But Kate knew that CJ wasn't thinking as clearly as normal and she
could not, she would not, let CJ, with her sudden penchant for risky
behavior, use their relationship to commit political suicide. She
wouldn't let CJ sacrifice their relationship to her grief either.

"CJ," Kate paused as the other woman looked up sharply. "You know that
I can't let you do this."

CJ walked around her desk and turned to Kate as she rested her and on
the doorknob. "Let me?" Kate flinched as CJ's eyes hardened. The
office door opened and closed quietly, and she was left staring at it
as CJ's footsteps echoed down the hallway.
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